New SAWI Polycom Bachelor program in English from 2019! 

The objective of the SAWI Polycom Bachelor program (180 ECTS credits / Europass) is to train marketing and communication professionals. SAWI Polycom’s mission is to teach future entrepreneurs the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed in the world of business. 


The objective of the 3-year bachelor program is to create effective and formative experiences to help students understand the magnitude of the field and variety of possibilities available in marketing and communication. With the help of these experiences (business case studies, classes, workshops) they will discover the demands of the professional world: hard work, leadership skills, and the drive to succeed. 



The common thread of the program is professional practice and the development of employability skills. Every week students are presented with a new problem to study faced by a real company. Students are required to complete 2 business internships (4-6 months) in Switzerland or abroad over the course of the 3 years of study. 

The teaching of the specific abilities required to succeed in the workplace (hard skills) complements, builds on and magnifies the professional practice (real life case studies & internships). Instruction focuses on 4 main subjects, which all include the role of digital technology. 

  • Marketing & Enterprise 
  • Communication & Public Relations
  • Traditional & Social Media
  • Project Management 

The teaching of soft skills helps students develop the personal qualities that are required for a successful career in the professional world:

  • Self-awareness
  • Teamwork
  • Stress & conflict management
  • Agility & employability skills
  • Creativity 

Learning is supplemented by a career management module, which includes assistance preparing application forms, internship requests and job interviews. 

The Bachelor in Marketing and Communication offers 5 options in the 5th and 6th semesters of the program. You may choose between the following course: Digital, Luxury, Sport, Tourism or Federal Diplomas.


3 years. Starts 24 September 2019 

Type de formation



  • SAWI Polycom Bachelor in Marketing & Communication 
  • 180 ECTS credits (Europass) 

Conditions d'admission

  • Have a secondary school diploma or the equivalent (maturité or baccalauréat)
  • Be 18 to 25 years old
  • Pass the entrance examination, which consists of two parts: a written exam on a subject related to the field of communications, and an oral exam with two members of the administration. Students will be judged on four criteria: personal motivation, level of interest in the field of communications field, level of general knowledge, and quality of written and oral expression. 

To schedule a personal interview, spend an immersion day in class with our students, for answers to any questions you may have or for more details about the program, please contact: 

Classes start: September 24th, 2019 

Informations pratiques

Durée du programme 3 years. Starts 24 September 2019 
Où et quand

SAWI - Lausanne 
Monday to Thursday, 9:15am-12:30pm & 1:30pm-4:15pm

Prix de la formation Bachelor SAWI Polycom
180 ECTS credits (Europass) 

3 years, CHF 55'200.- (18'400.- per year) Registration fee not included 

Different payment options are available: yearly, quarterly or monthly. 

Although SAWI Polycom accepts scholarship students, because we are a private professional school we do not have a scholarship program. Consequently students must apply for scholarships through private foundations in their place of residence.
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