Public speaking or speaking in an important context is a challenge we all need to face at some point in our careers.

Learn a variety of methods & create a practical “toolbox” to use in real life to become a more powerful speaker. 


This is a new course offered by SAWI in collaboration with PEP-Personalised English Progression. The course will be given solely in English tailored to modern professional needs. 



  • Develop the necessary skills to become a more confident public speaker. 
  • Present your ideas in a clear & concise manner in line with your audience. 
  • Learn useful & adaptable tips to engage your audience all the way through your speech.
  • Practice to enable the integration of new methods & feel at ease as the leader of your speech.


The course syllabus on public speaking focuses on three main themes to develop the flexibility in the usage of your acquired skills:



Part 1 :

  • Learn how to summarise and express your ideas in order to communication your message clearly and concisely. Understand your audience and adapt your approach accordingly.

Part 2:

  • Delivery: find out strategies to engage audience interest and promote focused listening. The role of humour as an audience ice-breaker. Body language and voice control plus the use of simple tools including concise, clear language, bullet points, visuals and quotes which stimulate the lightbulb effect in your audience.

Part 3:

  • Voice work: learn how to warm up your voice and how to use your vocal register, timber, pitch, flow speed, the power of the pause and the importance of controlled silence.

Part 4:

  • The elevator pitch: with our guidance, you’ll practice writing and presenting your own short oral professional brief of yourself. Learn how to “captivate, connect and cultivate”. These are hands-on sessions which will put you on the spot.



1 day

Type de formation

Speed Learning 


  • A participation certificate from SAWI & PEP (Personalised English Progression)

Conditions d'admission

A good understanding of English

Informations pratiques

Direction du cours Ruth Avison Dang
Durée du programme 1 day
6 heures de formation
Où et quand

SAWI - Lausanne 
Friday 10th of May 2019

9:00am to 12:00am
& 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Prix de la formation Total price : CHF 600.-
Ecole SAWI